Home Recording for Voice Talent

Audacity is a good audio recording/editing program that is a free download from the Internet onto your computer.  There’s a tutorial included, which I recommend, but it really is as easy as setting your levels, clicking record, and reading your script. You can edit your audio file almost like editing in a word processor. Just […]

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Working with an Agent

If you’re new to voice work and don’t have an agent, read my tips for getting an agent. Don’t expect that all of your work will come from your agent. You should always be actively marketing yourself directly. As you identify new prospects who are interested in working with you, refer them to your agent […]

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Marketing Yourself for Voice Work

Once you have a demo, you can shop yourself directly to any prospective customers, such as ad agencies or producers who need and use voice talent. Start by researching who in your area is hiring voiceover talent, narrators, or whatever you want to pursue. Good resources are the print and online versions of Yellow Pages, professional […]

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Making a Voice Demo

The first thing anyone interested in voiceover (v/o) work needs is a demo, which is a collection of voice samples. You can listen to a few of my voice samples by clicking on them in the right column. It doesn’t matter if you’ve never recorded anything that’s actually aired. Just get a script from somewhere and record […]

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Finding An Agent

There’s room for all sorts of voices and demand for all looks. Finding the agent who is interested in your particular talent is the difficulty. I’d suggest searching out an agent or sound person in your area as a mentor. In Phoenix I’m represented by Leighton Agency Inc. Ruth Leighton does a great job. She […]

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Tips for Getting Into Voice Work

Here’s a brief checklist of the steps you should follow to get started in voice work. Follow the links for more in-depth information: Record a voice demo. You can do this in a recording studio in your city, or with some basic equipment and software on your home computer. You can put your voice demo […]

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