Finding An Agent

There’s room for all sorts of voices and demand for all looks. Finding the agent who is interested in your particular talent is the difficulty. I’d suggest searching out an agent or sound person in your area as a mentor. In Phoenix I’m represented by Leighton Agency Inc. Ruth Leighton does a great job. She and Dani Green (Dani’s Agency) are both SAG/AFTRA agents, but also handle non-union jobs and talent. They mostly represent print models, actors and voice-over talent. Never work with any agent who asks you for an upfront fee.

An agent will coach and advise in addition to pitching you to potential clients. Still it’s mostly up to you to track down people who use voice talent…local ad agencies, major businesses or industries that have in-house production staffs or have outside producers to marketing or training videos for them. Contact local video and audio production houses. Local Ad clubs, bsns clubs, and professional associations are good contacts and places to network. I’m a member of the Arizona Production Association. Pick other peoples’ brains…search for advice. You have an edge locally, but I’m able to feed my voice to anyone in the world via the internet, so I’m in competition with thousands just like me here in Phoenix, or anywhere. Convincing an experienced local agent to represent you would be a big step in the right direction.

An agent could also advise if you need speech therapy or training.


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