Marketing Yourself for Voice Work

Once you have a demo, you can shop yourself directly to any prospective customers, such as ad agencies or producers who need and use voice talent. Start by researching who in your area is hiring voiceover talent, narrators, or whatever you want to pursue. Good resources are the print and online versions of Yellow Pages, professional directories, association memberships, etc. Also read your local business paper or the business section of the daily newspaper and make note of companies that are producing radio spots, TV commercials, and film and video.

Once you have a list of prospect companies, call them directly and ask for the names and email addresses of the people at the company who decide on voice talent. Send them a CD or e-mail them a sample of your work with a friendly not of introduction. Keep in mind that they get a lot of these things, and they may not need voice talent right away, so follow up with a phone call a week or so later to make sure they got it and remind them you’re there. Remember that they are busy and they are prospective customers, so be courteous and don’t be a pest, but check back regularly, especially when you have new voice samples to share.

Keep track of your email list, and whenever you record a new track, send each of your prospects and customers an MP3 sample. Include a short, friendly note. The best approach is to email each person one at a time. Don’t send a bulk email.

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