Tips for Getting Into Voice Work

Here’s a brief checklist of the steps you should follow to get started in voice work. Follow the links for more in-depth information:

  1. Record a voice demo. You can do this in a recording studio in your city, or with some basic equipment and software on your home computer. You can put your voice demo on your website, email it to prospective clients, and burn it to CDs. Here are some tips for making a voice demo.
  2. Set up for home recording. With your home computer, a decent microphone, and some free software, you can begin recording basic voiceovers. With a little more effort and some tutorials, you can mix in music and sound effects. More details about home recording of voiceovers can be found here.
  3. Start marketing yourself. Do some research, starting with local businesses that produce radio spots, TV commercials, and film and video projects such as ad agencies and independent film and video producers. Search online for business newspapers, trade directories, and even the business section of your local paper to find out who’s doing work in your area. Here are some tips for marketing yourself.
  4. Look for an agent. Voice work is competitive, so getting an agent isn’t easy. But an agent can be a big help to you, both in guiding your career and in finding you clients. I have a whole post dedicated to finding an agent and another on working with voiceover talent agents.

There is a lot of voice work out there…and a lot of competition for it, nowadays especially…not just locally but everyone in the world via the Internet. But, somebody is always looking for YOUR voice and style…you just have to connect with them. Takes a lot of consistent work to bring in business, but any income from it is gravy. Just don’t quit your day job until you’re sure you can make it on voiceover alone. Good luck!

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