Working with an Agent

If you’re new to voice work and don’t have an agent, read my tips for getting an agent.

Don’t expect that all of your work will come from your agent. You should always be actively marketing yourself directly. As you identify new prospects who are interested in working with you, refer them to your agent to negotiate for you. Your agent will know the going rates and will get you the best. I’m represented in Arizona by Leighton Agency Inc, but any of the AFTRA/SAG agents are legitimate and will do a good job for you.

A good agent will also advise and direct your marketing efforts and help you sound and look your best. Listen to their advice and follow it to the letter. They are trying to help you get more work.

Getting an agent is not easy, so once you do, make sure you help them do their best work for you. Demonstrate that you are dedicated and reliable. Always return calls (from your agent and your clients) promptly and professionally, always show up for voice recording sessions early and prepared, and always deliver voice tracks on time. Work to bring in business for you and your agent. You are also more attractive as voice talent if you have more to offer than just a voice. Designers and ad agency creative directors need all kinds of looks for print work and on-camera presence for video narration, so consider putting together a head sheet (professional photos of you as a model) and a short video of you on-camera. Your agent can advise you on how to put these together.

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